Because of the high cost of ozone generators production in the European, American, Australian and Asian continents, the world-known company Best Ozone Technology has been founded in the African continent in Casablanca, the largest economical town in Morocco.

The Know-how of the company is based on long-term years of comprehensive experience in ozone technology and environmental protection that includes design and manufacturing of ozone generators and ozonation systems with high quality as well as virtually each ozone application.
The structural prerequisite for becoming a stable and reliable partner for customers, suppliers and other business associates has been realised with the incorporation of the company as S.A.R.L in Moroccan law.
With the clear intention to being worldwide the first supplier of ozone generators in the African continent, the company Best Ozone Technology has engaged 10 highly motivated and qualified persons, some with long-term years experience in manufacturing of ozone generators, electronics production and maintenance on complex ozone systems.

An Engineer in the range of mechanical construction with large experience in production optimisation and quality management runs now the mechanical production department.
The company Best Ozone Technology is located in an industrial centre of Casablanca, the largest economical town in Morocco.

An essential additional aspect of the new strategy of the Best Ozone Technology is the involvement of highly competent cooperation partners who – with their broad specialist know-how – provide us with new input and also help us by using their capacity to meet short-term supply deadlines.

The next steps in the further development of the Best Ozone Technology Company are:

  1. Implementation of a growth strategy as a basis for future market-orientated product developments
  2. Realisation of already planned innovation projects to increase product performance and reduce energy requirements.
  3. Operational improvement through
    1. implementation of successful process and production management systems
    2. quality management system that is lived and breathed by everyone
    3. reinforcement of the service team


Dear customer, you can see that a great deal has already been achieved. The actual team is continuing to work on further positive development of Best Ozone Technology with plenty of commitment. That is why we look forward to providing an even better service in future with greater performance to you, too.

We would also be happy to meet you in person. This could be on one of our next trips, but you are also more than welcome to come and visit us here, when you are in Casablanca, the largest economical town in Morocco.