“Oriental ozone oil”:

Ozonated oil “Oriental ozone oil” is used for the treatment of wounds in general, wound cleaning, disinfecting wounds and improve the oxygen supply in the area of ​​the wound and promoting granulation. The extraordinarily bactericidal effect of “Oriental ozone oil” is based on the release of ozone from the epoxy liaison and subsequent formation of peroxides.

Through ozonation the percentages of peroxide increase to 18 times. Peroxides give off oxygen to the cellular tissues.

Ozonated oil “Oriental ozone oil” is an ozone-based oil that is biologically effective.

It is recommended for the following applications:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Cellulitis
  • Improve wound healing
  • Various diseases of the skin
  • Infected skin lesions
  • Gingivitis
  • Hemorrhoids, intestinal inflammation
  • Dermato mycoses
  • Burns and sunburn
  • Beauty
  • Skin tightening
  • Great wrinkle reduction
  • Beauty, make-up, skin-care, including sun tan preparations
  • Intimate care / intimate Mushrooms / open Legs / itching / Diaper / enteritis
  • Suitable for veterinary use / open wounds

Through special process using pure, medical ozone – oxygen appears the properties of this “Oriental ozone oil” as followings: bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal without the addition of chemicals.

These features prevent the inflammatory processes of the skin.

This result is in a regeneration of the cell function and promotes blood circulation of the skin with oxygen. This has been proven scientifically and is used in natural remedies.

The cells (tissue), which are more acidic (acidosis) form free radicals which impair the protective function of the skin and are causally involved in bacterial processes and disorders of the conjunctiva cell (connective tissue).

“Oriental ozone oil” which is energetically enriched by ozone penetrates directly the epidermis, actives the basal cells and accumulates agents.

The body imposes its defense system; it appears antioxidant compounds that promote the regeneration process.

The applied process activates blood circulation and transports pollutants out of the cell (tissue), which is why it appears unusual healing process of open wounds without any complications.

These fascinating capabilities are based on a purely natural basis.

Given today widespread intolerance of chemical substances, the “Oriental ozone oil” does not contain additional chemicals that may cause secondary effects.

The natural durability of effect without preservatives is not lost for years. The overall impact of this “Oriental ozone oil” is incomparable with its natural property.