Ozone generator modules system with compressed air:

Ozone generator modules system with compressed air

Best Ozone Technology ozone generators of series GMCA are manufactured in accordance with the DIN standard DIN19627.

They are designed and equipped for fully automatic operation and are consisting of all units and components necessary for the economic production of ozone from compressed air.

All components are accommodated in a painted steel cabinet arrangement equipped with all relevant safety and venting devices.




  • Modular system with comprehensive monitoring of functions and operations according DIN 19627 and EN1278
  • Designed for reliable operation at 100% duty during 24 hrs/day on 365 days/year
  • Highest possible operation safety due to the use of serial components from leading European manufacurers
  • Construction and materials designed for highest availability and long life span
  • Multi-circuit ozone generators available
  • Easy access to all essential components
  • Industrial standard
  • Ease of operation


  • Electrical control includes PLC with text display
  • Ozone module of stainless steel 316Ti
  • High-voltage electrodes with integrated fuse system
  • Resin-embedded high-voltage transformer
  • Compressor according to the wished ozone generator system

Ozone production control:

  • Manual adjustment by various transformer
  • Automatic control versus control signal 4-20mA
  • Option: Automatic ozone production control by inbuilt frequency converter, 3x400V,3-ph,50/60Hz