Ozone generator modules system with vacuum or under pressure:

under constructionBest Ozone Technology ozone generators, series GMV are vacuum operated for safety, efficiency and ease of operation. They are available at various grams per hours O3/hr; for manual various adjustment of ozone production or automatic ozone production control versus analog signal 4…20mA.

All ozone generators are equipped with an automatic operated desiccant air dryer for effective dehumidification of feed air even under rough ambient conditions.
They are equipped and manufactured in accordance with DIN19627 and EN1278.




  • Compact robust construction
  • Fully equipped with all required system components
  • Designed and manufactured for long-life span
  • Multiple monitoring and safety devices


  • Electrical control includes PLC with text display
  • Ozone module of stainless steel 316Ti
  • High-voltage electrodes with integrated fuse system
  • Resin-embedded high-voltage transformer

Ozone production control:

  • Manual adjustment by various transformer
  • Automatic control versus control signal 4-20mA
  • Option: Automatic ozone production control by inbuilt frequency converter, 3x400V,3-ph,50/60Hz