Residual ozone destructor (Activated carbon; catalytic and thermal):

Residual ozone destructor (Activated carbon; catalytic and thermal)

For removal of residual ozone in the exhaust air of:

  • Contact- und filter tank
  • Reaction tank
  • Reaction chamber




  • Ozone plants with air as used gas
  • Ozone plants with oxygen as used gas with ozone concentration >100g/Nm³


  • Wall-mounting by means of provided fixing angles
  • Condensate water outlet must be connected to a water trap
  • Electrical connection by controlling the ozonator
  • In the exhaust pipe the check valve doesn’t have to be installed


Under normal operating conditions the ozone destructor is maintenance free.
Heaters and temperature control shall be checked once per year.


The activated carbon filter is exclusively for ozone-containing air and never ozone-containing oxygen mixture.

Although the ozone destructor is thermal insulated attention must be paid for hot surface on the insulation.