Tangential static mixers:

Tangential static mixers

Best Ozone Technology – Tangential static mixers are used for effective mixing of different media. These may be gaseous and / or liquid.

The built-in a mixing tube mixing elements cause an intensive turbulence and mixing of the media. Because of the special geometrical shape of the mixing elements and their arrangement, a high degree of mixing is achieved with minimum pressure loss.




Dissolving of gases in liquids:

  • Ozone gas in water
  • Oxygen gas in drinking water
  • Oxygen gas in wastewater

Mixing of different liquids:

  • Chemicals for neutralisation
  • Flocculants

Mixing of different gases:

  • Cooling of flue gases

Installation lengths:

DN32…DN100: 160 mm
DN125…DN1000: DN x 1,6